Artist's Statement

Creating one of a kind furniture represents a unique blending of the beauty, elegance, and materials of the natural world with the creative spirit of one's imagination.

I studied furniture making at the College of the Redwoods in northern California, a program renowned for its excellence in craftsmanship and attention to detail. There I developed an extensive background in traditional cabinetmaking techniques and hand skills. The focused environment became the setting for me to explore complex forms and develop as an artist. I continued my education at Capellagarden in Sweden, a school with a long history in design and detailed craftsmanship. There I further developed my sense of materials, form, and composition.

My inspiration comes from nature, Asian Arts, and work of some of the great designers/ makers of the past, like Jacques-Emile Ruhlman and Edward Barnsley. My current work is influenced by the Art Deco style, and I enjoy its refined form and technical nature.

I enjoy the challenge of complex design; the uncertainty that goes along with this type of work and how completely involved I have to be. My goal is to create works that are enduring, aesthetically pleasing, and made to the highest level of my ability.

Kent Townsend